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Rental Conditions


General Rental and Vehicle Delivery Conditions between us (Filojet) and the Lessor (Client)

1. Your driving license and age requirements are as follows:
Economic class: At least 3 years of valid driving license and 24 years of age
Middle class: At least 3 years of valid driving license and 26 years of age
Upper and Luxury class: At least 5 years of valid driving license and 30 years of age

a. driving license
Drivers who do not use Latin alphabet drivers (Russia, China, Arab countries, Greece etc.) during their rental In addition to their driver’s license, they must present valid international driving licenses and passports.

b. Credit Rating
To have the current find note (varies by tool group).

c. Rental Time
The rental period is calculated over 24 hours. Your rental rate starts from the written time on the rental contract and ends with the expiration of 24 hours. terminate without. If this period is exceeded, the tenant (1) is obliged to pay the full day rental fee.

d. One way Rentals
When booking and drop-off stations are available in different cities, a one-way fee determined by Filojet is charged according to the features between the two stations.

e. Delivery or Release of Vehicle Outside Office Hours
If you want to pick up or leave your car outside of office hours, you must pay 50 TL + 18% VAT. Each of these charges will be charged separately if you are out of the office hours.

f. Extension
The tenant is notified to the relevant office at least 24 hours prior to the end of the rental period for the vehicle used by the tenant. Extension fee can be requested from Filojet prices according to the terms of the agreement.

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